With no inventory fees, you only pay for what you use


Sheets as little as $1 each
Pillowcases starting at 35 cents
We also have blankets and cradle covers available.
Color choices available at no additional charge.
(Price increases with the Thread Count)


Bath Towels, Hand Towels & Wash Cloths
Available in white and a variety of colors
Choose between premium pricing and economy

Bar/Cleaning/Microfiber Towels

20 Cleaning Rags

20 Bar Towels or Microfiber
laundry care and linen rental business with over 13 years of experience.
"Great service! Friendly people! Outstanding and highly recommended. Lisa is a cat lover and we have 3. She is very understanding and polite as can be. Rodney is nice as well and very thorough in his business dealings. Warm-hearted folks who do residential and commercial laundry cleaning. Our laundry is super clean, cleaner than we can get it here at our apartment complex. They folded it all immaculately and even separated it by whose was whose. They come right to your door so you don't even have to leave your home, and at a reasonable price I might add. The company boasts an eco-friendly washing method, no fragrances used, and the paper bags your laundry comes back in are made of 100% recycled materials."

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